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Marama - Pēke (Bag) PRE ORDER

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Marama - Pēke (Bag)

Accessorise and hīkoi in style with this nice pēke. You can match it with a wārete (wallet) and your kākahu for that outing with whānau, or that big hui too. Or even matching kākahu going to mahi.

Inspired raranga harakeke mixing design into pēke. Stepping out in style. The first unique pēke of it's kind. Nominated by poll by both our followers on instagram and facebook to add onto our collection.

Kara - Parone & Pango (Brown & Black)

Material: Leather
Care Instructions: Clean with damp cloth.

Size Chart

inch cm
Bag Width 4.3  11 
Bag Height 8.7  22 
Bag Length 12.2