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Taimana - Whakakai (Earrings)

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Taimana - Whakakai (Earrings)

Accessorise your kākahu (clothing) with these nice whakakai (Earrings) wahine. Whether you're dressing up or dressing casual

When designing these whakakai I was having a whakaaro about Taimana and tukutuku mahi toi being combined together as well as in different sessions

Kara (Colour) - Paraone, Pango & Mā

Design: Laser engraved
Material:  Acrylic for Pango & Mā; Bamboo for Paraone

Size: 22mm width & 30mm height


(For those wanting to order if you order we will send the next working day as we have them in stock.)